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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sun 16th Sept

Again only couple hours sleep then pain / legs gets me up again, so decided to sit back and watch the sun coming up - turned into another blue sky, nice breeze, sunshiny type of day - love Spring :)

Went back to bed about 10.00 after tablets, but after tossing turning for 1.5 hours I knew I wasn't going to have any sleep, so just laid back in bed and read - love my Iphone for all the ebooks I can have on there at my beck and call.

Back up for lunch, watched online recordings of "The Block NZ" (love that show) and just generally pottered around till later in afternoon when I went down for "brief" nap that turned into 2 hours!  Hmm LOL :)

Legs still haven't shown any release in fluid pressure (still feel like they're going to burst through my skin) nor in size but the tabs are controlling the pain a little better which is a major plus.

Dr did want me on slow release morphine based tablets, but I was nervous about that as I had that in hospital and was violently sick so we stopped it and reversed back to Endone (oxycodone) which does work and now I'm taking it every 6 hours for next 20 days, hopefully will help my body to finally relax and start to heal.

Didn't do any study this weekend or work on the online shop I'm setting up for "Slotz-A-Fun Slot Cars" (my sister's and brother in law's business - now my nephew has become partners with his dad (my brother in law) after Lynne passed away)

Sigh anyway, day 2 of tracking is going well, just about to go and have a late dinner so good night and see you all tomorrow :)


  1. Hope those pills are working for you.... Have a nice day :)

  2. Hey you... it was rather fun having a three way with you and Toni-Maree the other night on FB eh? Brought a real smile to me face. I hope your on the road to recovery (again)... I know you enjoyed your brief trip out in the car the other day.

  3. OI get back to your blog! I am pulling back from Facebook for now... just can't fit everything in me day.
    I hope you have been behaving yourself.. not feasting your eyes on blokes anymore!
    And lets see some photos of the new bathroom too~!
    There, yes I'm a bossy bitch. But I know ya love me anyway... *smiles*


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