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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17th Jan - Tue

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Quiet day again today, got up early, did 30 mins weights (woohoo), made my own breakfast (eggs, bacon and toast - double woohoo) and sat back watched some early morning tv till kids woke up.

Went back to bed bout 11.30 am resting while Toni & Michael went to the radiology clinic for an x-ray and ultrasound on her shoulder (apparently it shows some inflammation they said, full results on Friday)

Got up when they returned and Michael and I then went to the doctor's to get our results.  He is fine, no diabetes in sight which was a great relief, little bit high on cholesterol but nothing dramatic.  She did do a swab though on the coloured patch on the front of his leg to see if we can determine what it is.

Me, well, a little improvement like by 1 with Vitamin D and Iron but nowhere near what she thought I should have improved, so when I have my next lot of bloods in a month for Vit B12 and thryroid and to test for infection we'll double check these results today.

As for infection, I'm now officially INFECTION FREE :) BUT she is keeping me on 2 tabs 4 times a day of Clindamycin for another month to make sure it doesn't return on the lower dose, if still free after then, I'm off tablets :)

OHHHH best news too is that I am NOT diabetic.. (hear that all you hospital doctors that insist I MUST be with my size and all even after they do tests they don't believe that I'm not geez) - I'm 4.3 and Michael was 4.9 (nah nah I beat you LOL)

So more tests in one month, but till then, reduced doses of antibiotics, 1 tab thyroxine, 1 tab vit d and 1 tab iron - that's it :)

Though she is insisting I sit outside more which I am trying to do..

Ok tonight will be our curried sausages with ? on the side LOL haven't decided, but the kids want hash browns and they said I could have one or two with steamed vegies .. sounds nice.

Back later :)

PM Update

I escaped!!! LOL Michael was going up to the shop tonight (9.00 pm) and said if you make it out to the car before me you can come too.. well, I waddled quick and got a trip up to the shops :) woohoo.

Mmmmmm curried sausages are so yummy and we ended up having potato gems and steamed vegies on the side plus a small crusty roll, heaven!


  1. Escape artist you are!

    Congratulations on the diabetes tests. Of course that's not the problem.


  2. wooohooo glad you got the all clear on diabeties Anne.
    And my mouth is watering...curried sausages, mmmmmmm


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