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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10th Jan - Tue

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Very very boring day today, wasn't feeling crash hot last night so went to bed and only got up to go to the loo or take tablets all day up to 7.30 pm but I must admit I feel a little better, we think my body was fighting something but thanks to still being on the antibiotics I only got a very little taste so that was great :)

Tomorrow I am resting too as I really want to make it to the gym on Thursday.

I did however not have breakfast as I wasn't up to it, but had a little lunch and I am going to have dinner shortly so not too bad I guess overall.

Dinner last night was quiche, pasta salad, potato salad, lettuce, tomato and beetroot - very yummy

I'll be back later with tonight's dinner LOL :)

Chicken Kiev with potato gems and steamed vegetables.

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