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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st Jan 2013 - Tues

First day of the new year, slept most of it away to be honest, every time I woke up, spoke to kids for a while then crashed again, obviously Xmas took a lot more out of me than I thought plus still being on bed rest etc.

So not complaining :) just rolled back over and slept lol

Legs are doing well though, redness in the right leg has almost gone to a faint pink colour now and the pain has decreased from the unbearable, back to what is the new normal level for me.

So, all in all things are improving.

Hopefully I get my new hard drive tomorrow thank goodness, am missing my computer heaps and I didn't want to get behind when my new Tafe online classes start in couple weeks.

Will also be planning what my hopes and goals will be for the coming months too in regards to what steps I need to do in what order to achieve what I'm hoping to this coming year.

Will be seeing my local doctor this week too (and Michael needs to see her too) then need to contact the lymphoedema clinic at either Blacktown or Westmead.

Oh I have finally cancelled my online WW membership, prices going up and quality of service was going down, plus when they admit that I was too hard for them to work with in regards to being over 200 kg plus my disabilities, lack of mobility etc, well, lets just say I'm tired of people telling what I can't do, or what they can't do for me, it's time to take back control.

Thank god for this iPad, without it I'd be lost to be honest.  Being able to still be in contact with people, FB, blogs, etc, makes being housebound not such a lonely place.


  1. Happy New Year Anne and to all your family. Your posts sounds as though the sleeping did you good. So glad the inflamation seems to be subsiding.

    Since you are looking at how you want to do things this year I thought you might enjoy this post. Here's the link. Don't be put off by the Low Carb bit. It's really about not making useless resolutions and my guess is it will be right in line with things you have learned to do. http://www.carbsmart.com/choose-your-low-carb-resolution.html

    I've read it a couple of times and it's helped me with sorting out my goals for the future.


  2. How ya doing Tart?
    I am trying to get back into some sort of routine ... checking on me fav blogs regularly again!
    Silly me... I 'follow' far too many.
    I hope the legs are behaving themselves, they have a mind of thier own really eh?

    Bit like mine... even though mine are NOTHING at all like yours, ya poor tart.

    I think of you every day... and hope you are feeling better.
    This heat must be a killer for you too?

    I know I'm feeling it something rotten and our temps do not get anywhere near yours!

    Catch up soon Chick.

  3. Anne, good to hear you sounding like you are looking forward again. If you want to stop blogging because it doesn't work for you, that's your choice, but if you feel silly doing it because you are not currently losing, don't. You are a really good example of how it is not just about the weight loss - it is about the bigger daily battle to keep motivated, keep our spirits up, and keep on thinking positively. There are a lot of people out there in blog land writing (or not writing) about feeling unmotivated or stuck or whatever - that in and of itself can be helpful to others. Besides that, your blog doesn't have to be helpful of others: if it works for you to write about your life, do it. Don't worry about us out here.

    But if you are going to anyway, you have challenges facing you that are more complex than those facing most of us, but that does not mean there is not something to be learned, nor does it mean you need to let others tell you what to do (like WW - not working, get rid of them!).

    If you want to stop blogging for you, go for it, but don't stop blogging because you think you owe us something else. You add to our lives regardless.

    Best wishes for a much much much better 2013!!!

    Love from Penny xo


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