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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28th March - Wed

I am coming back soon I promise, it's just been harder than I thought it would be, losing my sister, funeral, my health etc.

I'm scared but I want to get back into doing things right again and I hope I haven't lost your faith in me because to be honest I have lost faith lately in a lot of things and people including myself and I want to prove to myself, my family, my friends and loyal readers that I can do this!


  1. good for u anne u certainly can do this

  2. You sure can do this....thinking of you donna in nz

  3. Lots of hugs.

    Take your time. Keep as close as you can to your healthy plan but it doesn't matter too much if some of your other activities slide a bit.

    It takes time to adjust and emotions can be unpredictable and all over the place for quite a while.

    You know the drill. One step at a time and think of us cheering you on. You are often on my mind so never think of yourself as totally alone.


  4. Good to hear you are coming back, hope it is sooner than later :)

  5. Hang in there Chick.. it will get better... but it does take time.

  6. When your're ready Hun, we'll be here waiting.

    Hugs xx


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