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Saturday, February 25, 2012

25th Feb - Sat - Happy Birthday to me :)

Today was a day that I was dreading and looking forward to both at once.

Not only was it my birthday, it was the day I planned with my kids, Mum, brother in law John, my niece Kate and my nephew Andrew for me to attempt to drive up the Central Coast to spend some time with my sister Lynne.

I rested days before, I planned everything with military precision, my medication, things I needed to take with me etc.

I was so so nervous to actually attempt an 1.5 hour drive up to my mum's first, then another 1/2 hour up to my sister's and we wanted to keep it an absolute surprise for my sister Lynne.

I was worried about my legs, but all that was nothing to me as I really needed to get up to share my birthday with my sister.

My sister, she's so important to me, she's always been the strong one, my rock, I strive to make her proud of me and right now she's in the fight of her life again with this most horrible disease, cancer.

It's back and this round of chemo didn't do a thing, in fact, the cancer has spread a little more.. suffice to say, the news wasn't good at all and then she has suffered terribly with diarrhea, vomiting, fluid in the lung and has really struggled these last weeks and I just needed to be with her.

For the next two weeks she needs to regain her strength, start eating more and keeping it down so when she returns to the specialist in two weeks, she's in the best state to continue fighting with whatever the doctor comes up with and I just wanted her to know we were all there with her, supporting and encouraging her.

And I just needed to see her.

So, 9.30 am we were on our way, legs were down and it was an uneventful trip up to Mum's, once there though we rung my sister to give her little warning as she had had a bad night before, but after a little sleep earlier this morning, she was awake and so delighted to hear we were up there.

I was just so glad to spend some 3 hours with her and everyone, John & Andrew (husband / son) were able to leave the shop and spend lunchtime with us and my niece Kate didn't have to go to work till night time, so it was just wonderful to all be together - first time I had been able to make the drive up there for nearly 3 years!

I was sad to have to go, but she was so tired, trying to stay awake, but we wanted her to rest up as much as she needed so we packed up and got on our way.

Unfortunately, my legs swelled up so badly that I had trouble shutting the door which was the start of a bad trip home - so we dropped Mum off and instead of staying there for a bit, decided to keep going home as the legs would only get worse

Home after 7 or so hours away and yep, pain killer time and legs up as I had extreme problems getting out of the car as my leg got stuck again, but you know what?

It was damn worth it!

I am just so grateful that I was able to get up there and spend this time with Lynne, and I have another goal :)  It's Lynne's birthday in Mar 15th and it's her 50th and no matter what, I'm going back up there again!

As she said to me tonight, she was dreading turning 50, now she wants to turn 51, 52, 53 and so on.. and God willing, she's stubborn enough to do it too :)

Lynne, thank you, I loved sharing my birthday with you, just made my day special.. you couldn't come to me, so damn it, we all went to you :)

Love you sis..


  1. I'm glad you had this very special day with your sister and family.

    Wishing you a rapid recovery from the day out.


  2. Happy Birthday! [again]

    I haven't got used to turning 30 yet, and i'm 41!


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